Club Carlson hotels in London

.. are super, super overwhelming to book. There are 20+ hotels in London affiliated with Club Carlson and just sorting through them all and finding the best ones can be frustrating. I will be spending four days in London in July and due to the massive devaluation of Club Carlson happening next Monday, I figured that I would go over my hotel options and possibly select even better hotels than I had booked and just burn a majority of my Club Carlson points. Since I hold the Club Carlson VISA and I will be staying in London for four nights, it makes sense to spend those four nights at two hotels so that I can save points since the last night of any points redemption is free for VISA cardholders… read more


Thanks for a great week!

I’ve been featured on BoardingArea this week and I would like to thank all of you for reading my insights and reviews this past week. I love all of you guys (well, except those who threatened to kill me yesterday for defending United) and I really appreciate it when you read and comment on my blog. It has been an amazing week in terms of comments posted on my blog and also the number of views and sessions. This week now remains the most commented week so far on my blog, and also during this week, daily, my blog has been viewed on average about 10 times more since I was featured. So while I will sadly disappear from BoardingArea’s home page, you know where to find me! I really hop… read more


My Favourite City in the World

In about two or so weeks, I will be taking a short five-day weekend trip to my favourite city in the world to visit some friends and also to just explore more of the city. I’ve been there about twice each year for the past five or so years and the more time I spend there, the more I love it. Without a doubt, I’m going to live there at some point in my life in the near future since the people, culture, environment is just so vibrant! Anyone want to guess? I don’t know if you can by this picture or not, but it’s one of the biggest cities in the world and there is an overnight flight from SFO that I always take since it leaves at around 23:30 and arrives around 05:30 and… read more


New York City – Final Thoughts

A Weekend in New York City – Introduction NYC – Day One NYC – Day Two After spending two marvellous days in New York City, I basically fell in love with the city and culture overall. It’s just such an amazing city and people from all over the world live there and visit the city, the city brings so many nations and diverse cultures together – it’s amazing. You can truly feel that life is worth living in New York City, people really appreciate what they have and everyone stands out and tries to be different. It is the city of dreams and people from all walks of life move their to try and become successful. Before, I’ve never been to New York and I didn&#8217… read more


MileagePlus X – powerful way to earn miles

A couple of months ago, United introduced a new, powerful way to earn much more miles while shopping… but this time it isn’t online shopping – it’s actual shopping in store. So, how does it work? Download the MileagePlus X app for your phone, sign in with your United account, and you’re all set! Now all you have to do is see which stores you can use the app to pay at, it uses your phone’s location to locate the nearest available stores. Simply visit the store and when you are ready to pay, tap the name of the store on the app and enter the total amount of your purchase. United then purchases a gift card for your amount and you basically pay with a gift car… read more


United is NOT ‘flyer UNfriendly’

I read a lot of aviation news online, of course most of it comes from BoardingArea and FlyerTalk, and I’ve long wanted to make a post about people calling United an ‘unfriendly’ airline. Watch, I’m totally going to get so much hate for defending United, but the thing is that I really don’t care since I LOVE United. Flyer Friendly means much more than just MileagePlus Usually us frequent flyers criticise an airline based on how its frequent flyer programme operates and the changes that an airline makes. But the thing is that United is MUCH more than just MileagePlus. So many people criticise United for being such an ‘unfriendly’ airline… just be… read more


United Club Houston (Terminal C, South)

A Weekend in New York City – Introduction There are currently five Continental President’s Clubs United Clubs at Houston Airport. Basically United dominates the airport and Houston is a major United hub. There is a United Club in Terminal A, Terminal B, two in Terminal C (South and North), and one in Terminal E. Terminal E is United’s international terminal and therefore I believe the biggest Club is in Terminal E. Terminal C serves most domestic traffic, Terminal B is United Express, and I’m not too sure what Terminal A serves. Most of the lounge options at Houston airport suck since all you have are United Clubs and a few contract lounges in Terminal D – the interna… read more


My Favourite Safety Video

Not a surprise that it’s a Lufthansa one, is it? This is for Lufthansa’s Boeing 747-8i and I really like the new, modern ‘design’ of the video. Enjoy!


United Airlines First Class A320 New York to Houston

A Weekend in New York City – Introduction United Airlines 369 New York (LGA) – Houston (IAH) Airbus A320 04 May 2015 Boarding began about five minutes after I cleared security and there was already a massive queue of gate lice waiting in all groups, perhaps I was among the last to board via Premier Access lane Group 1 and quickly took my seat in First Class, 3A. Upon boarding I was welcomed by a very friendly purser who asked if he could ‘kiss my Gold ring’ and later I heard him saying “Can I kiss your Global Services ring?” to a bunch of people on the flight. Overall it was an amazing flight in terms of crew, both the purser and the flight attendant helping him… read more


What is Geocaching?

I got into Geocaching a couple of years ago and despite the fact that I’m older, it’s still more or less ‘fun’. What exactly is geocaching? Well here is the simplest explanation: it’s a GPS-based way to find containers (“caches”) around the world. Link: Basically people hide containers around the world and then others that play ‘the game’ find the containers based on GPS location, basically the coordinates of the cache are given and then you just have to navigate to it. Once you are close to the location of the cache, the description of the cache will usually tell you where it’s hidden/located. Sometimes there are clu… read more