Lufthansa Business Class A321 Frankfurt to Munich

Glamorous Dubai – Introduction Lufthansa 120 Frankfurt (FRA) – Munich (MUC) Airbus A321 19 August 2015 My Porsche driver introduced me to the flight crew and told them to make sure to take good care of me during the flight, the purser smiled and said that she would. We actually arrived a bit before boarding began and therefore I was among the first people on the plane and had some time to chat with the crew. This quick thirty minute flight from Frankfurt to Munich was operated by an Airbus A321 with a ton of Business Class seats, however about 30% were only taken, and the flight was about 50% full. Once the doors were armed and we pushed back, the safety demo began and the purser welcomed us… read more


Lufthansa First Class Terminal Frankfurt

Glamorous Dubai – Introduction I spent about an hour at the Lufthansa First Class Lounge in Pier A, and then decided to spend the rest of my time in Frankfurt at the Lufthansa First Class Terminal. I should say that this is a shorter review of the FCT, mainly because I already wrote a long, in-depth review of the terminal a couple of weeks ago. After exiting security, I visited the Lufthansa WorldShop (my favourite store, ever) and bought some Lufthansa-branded items. I might do a post in the future about all of my Lufthansa WorldShop purchases. After the quick shopping trip, I went to the First Class Check-in for yet another First Class boarding pass and after that, I walked to the First Cl… read more


Lufthansa First Class Lounge (Pier A) Frankfurt

Glamorous Dubai – Introduction Lufthansa currently operates two First Class Lounges (Pier A and B) and one First Class Terminal at Frankfurt Airport. The First Class Terminal is meant for passengers starting their journey in Frankfurt (although there isn’t a problem accessing it if you are connecting in Frankfurt), and the First Class Lounges are meant for connecting passengers – so that they don’t have to leave the secure area. The Lufthansa First Class Lounges are identical to the First Class Terminal and all three feature the same amenities. The only difference is that at the First Class Terminal, you are guaranteed to be driven to your aircraft (since there isn’t … read more


Lufthansa Business Class B737 Kraków to Frankfurt

Glamorous Dubai – Introduction Lufthansa 1367 Kraków (KRK) – Frankfurt (FRA) Boeing 737-300 19 August 2015 I arrived a bit earlier to the airport than I anticipated, however given the construction situation on the roads in Poland, it is much better to leave a bit earlier and still make it in time. After check-in, I headed to the Schengen Business Lounge where I was able to eat some snacks and work a bit on my laptop while waiting for my flight to Frankfurt in Lufthansa Business Class. The check-in process was a bit strange, the lady didn’t say a word to me apart from “baggage?” as in ‘do I want to check any bags’, she then printed my boarding pass and handed it … read more


Glamorous Dubai

Glamorous Dubai – Introduction Lufthansa Business Class B737 Kraków to Frankfurt Lufthansa First Class Lounge (Pier A) Frankfurt Lufthansa First Class Terminal Frankfurt Lufthansa Business Class A321 Frankfurt to Munich Lufthansa First Class Lounge Munich Lufthansa First Class A330 Munich to Dubai Radisson Royal Hotel Dubai Exploring Dubai The Radisson Blu Residence Dubai Marina Brunch at the Burj Al Arab Radisson Blu Hotel Dubai Deira Creek British Airways Galleries Lounge Dubai British Airways First Class B777 Dubai to London British Airways Concorde Room London British Airways Club Europe A320 London to Kraków I mentioned last week that I flew to Dubai for a weekend since I had two … read more


I flew to Dubai last weekend!

If you follow me on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook, you already know that last weekend I flew to Dubai! I haven’t been to the United Arab Emirates yet and I’ve always wanted to go, as luck would have it, I got my free Club Carlson nights on my account early last week and I decided to book a couple of nights in Dubai using points and the rest using the free night certificates (from both my Personal and Business accounts). Anyway, I booked the hotels, then I booked the flights, and then I had to pack since I had to be at the airport in a couple of hours. So everything was booked and confirmed last Wednesday at around 23:30, and in the morning I had to be at the airport for my firs… read more


Lufthansa First Class – A380 or B747-8i?

I’m having a bit of trouble deciding if I should fly Lufthansa First Class on the Airbus A380 or the Boeing 747-8i in about two or so weeks. I have to get back to America for the start of uni in a few weeks and I have several options as far as routes go about which aircraft to fly. I will be flying to Seattle from Poland with a connection in Frankfurt and then another U.S. city (since there is no First Class to Seattle). On the outbound I flew the Boeing 747-400, which had a separate seat and bed, though unfortunately First Class on the B747-400 has been discontinued (which is a shame, since I think it was the best configuration). Here are the routes currently flown to the United State… read more


Final Thoughts – England, Scotland, and Iceland

10 Days – England, Scotland, and Iceland – Introduction I hope you enjoyed reading about our experiences on the trip to England, Scotland, and Iceland. Hopefully my reviews of the flights, lounges, and hotels were somewhat informative and helpful. To conclude, I wanted to write one final post about my final thoughts on each of the three places we went to – mainly since I haven’t talked much about the cities in previous posts. London was absolutely beautiful and gorgeous, the old historical buildings and architecture were downright amazing and we spent days simply admiring the buildings and the overall atmosphere of the city. Life doesn’t stop in London and perhaps that&#821… read more


airBerlin Exclusive Waiting Area (Terminal C) Berlin

10 Days – England, Scotland, and Iceland – Introduction Oy, airBerlin, I mean really? We had two hours to kill in Berlin and therefore decided to visit the airBerlin Exclusive Waiting Area in Terminal C, we did have other lounge options but we were just too tired to go landside to visit other lounges and then have to clear security again. The airBerlin Exclusive Waiting Area isn’t even considered a lounge… there isn’t any staff and you have to scan your boarding pass to get in. Inside there are a few tables and chairs, catalogues, water, tea, and a few other drinks – no food. Tegel Airport is already super ugly and I guess they wanted to follow that standard and make … read more


airBerlin Economy Class B737 Reykjavík to Berlin

10 Days – England, Scotland, and Iceland – Introduction airBerlin 3547 Reykjavík-Keflavík (KEF) – Berlin-Tegel (TXL) Boeing 737-800 30 July 2015 After spending five hours in the Blue Lagoon (which is close to the airport), we slowly made our way to Keflavík Airport. We returned the rental car and made it to the airport at about 20:15, which was super early for our 00:50 flight to Berlin, the car had to be returned by 20:00 which is why we arrived so early – plus we didn’t have much left to explore around this particular area in Iceland. The Keflavík Airport is located about an hour drive away from Reykjavík, and the exterior of the airport is perhaps one of the most beautif… read more