Waste of Miles or Awesome Route? (Lufthansa First Class)

I’m flying to my favourite city in the world on Wednesday to visit a few friends, and I couldn’t be any more excited! I love Mexico City and the Mexican culture in general, so while I probably won’t be exploring much, I will be seeing a ton of friends that I have there.. and that makes me quite happy. So how am I getting there?… Read More


Alaska Mileage Run

Last weekend I flew from Seattle to Portland… via Anchorage, of course; what normal person wouldn’t do that?! So I don’t know if technically this would qualify for an Alaska Mileage Run or a Portland Mileage Run. 😉 About a month ago, American Airlines had some sort of mistake or glitch in their booking system whereby some people were able to book tickets from Seattle to Portland… Read More


Review: SLS Las Vegas, a Tribute Portfolio Resort

We arrived in Las Vegas around 21:00 and made it to the hotel around 21:45 from the airport by taking an uber, which cost ~$16. Since we were in First Class, we decided to skip the lounge upon arrival and just head directly to the hotel and then explore Las Vegas at night. We were in Las Vegas for just one night and therefore I… Read More


Review: Alaska Airlines First Class B737 Seattle to Las Vegas

Alaska Airlines 616 Seattle (SEA) – Las Vegas (LAS) Boeing 737-800 26 April 2016 Alaska Airlines has been having some fantastic deals out of Seattle recently whereby I was able to book some fantastic tickets, like New York roundtrip for just $200. Well, I didn’t just stop at one fantastic deal.. I booked a few more. One of which was Las Vegas in the middle of… Read More

Waste of Miles or Awesome Route? (Lufthansa First Class)

Alaska Mileage Run

Review: SLS Las Vegas, a Tribute Portfolio Resort

Review: Alaska Airlines First Class B737 Seattle to Las Vegas


Review: Art & Lounge Newark

After an awesome weekend in New York City, it was time to fly back to Seattle. We booked a ~$200 fare on Alaska Airlines from Seattle to New York and flew into JFK while flying out of Newark. We took an uber from our Sheraton hotel to Newark which cost ~$45.. which isn’t too bad for New York. Newark airport isn’t the best as some… Read More


Review: The Millenium Hilton

To begin, I’d just like to mention how thankful I am about being loyal to Starwood and Hyatt. It is hotel stays like this one that remind me why Starwood and Hyatt are industry leaders and why Hilton absolutely sucks and is at the absolute bottom of everyone’s list. I think it is mostly safe to say I won’t be staying with Hilton anytime soon… Read More


Review: Bluffworks (Pants for Work, Play, and Travel)

Clothing is really important for me when I travel – especially light clothing that doesn’t weigh much, but also clothing that is durable and made from premium material. I normally travel with just a carry-on and will occasionally check a bag if I’m gone for longer than 2-3 weeks and won’t have additional clothing. I generally try to fit as much as possible into my… Read More


Airline Loyalty isn’t Easy

It’s hard to be loyal to more than one airline.. airline loyalty is hard.. it really is. For me the way that has worked the best is to be loyal and maintain elite status with one of the best airlines in the world, Lufthansa, as they fly to basically everywhere I need to be. Now because I live in the USA for a part of… Read More