Introducing BoundlessMiles! (My Award Help Service)

  Introducing BoundlessMiles! BoundlessMiles is my own award booking help service. I’m super excited to start my own award booking service for a number of reasons including the fact that readers constantly email me asking if I can help with their miles and reservations. Of course I help as much as I can, but I can’t get to every single email from you guys. I thought I would make everything ‘official’ and finally start my own help service. The name behind the service is simple – miles are boundless. They can take you far and wide all around the world, they are boundless. I generally LOVE helping people out and therefore I wanted to finally start my own help … read more


Updates about Germanwings flight 4U-9525

As you all know, a Germanwings A320 crashed earlier this week en route from Barcelona to Dusseldorf. Most of the story is still developing and we are just beginning to find out what happened aboard flight 9525, the facts are chilling and shocking. What is horrifying to me is that the airplane literally broke apart into a million+ pieces. The biggest part of the plane left was about the size of a car. That is just horrifying. Personally, for some reason I’m still in denial about the whole situation since looking at the crash site, you can’t even tell an airplane crashed since all that is left are tiny pieces of the A320. Here’s a video showing the area: The plane literally d… read more


Germanwings A320 crashes in the French Alps (Flight 4U 9525 BCN-DUS)

I woke up to terrible news this morning – a Germanwings Airbus A320 aircraft (flight 4U 9525) flying from Barcelona to Dusseldorf has crashed in the French Alps. The story is still developing and so far we know that no distress signal was issued by the pilots and that the aircraft descended in a straight line for eight minutes. All 144 passengers and 6 crew members are believed to have died, the plane vanished from radars about forty-five minutes after take-off from Barcelona. Germanwings is a member of the Lufthansa Group. Germanwings has issued a statement on their website: We must confirm to our deepest regret that Germanwings Flight 4U 9525 from Barcelona to Düsseldorf has suffered… read more


Best online flight Logbook

There are several online ‘logbook’ type websites that allow you to track your flights and then display them to you in a very informative way. I haven’t really been using such websites to track my flights and instead use an Excel spreadsheet to track all of my flying activity and miles. Here’s what I have on my spreadsheet: The number of the flight (the number of flights I’ve been on) Date Airline Flight number Aircraft type Aircraft registration number (tail number) From/To Departure Time Arrival Time Take-off Runway Landing Runway Booking class Total miles flown Total miles credited Those are really the only bits I care about when I fly and later would like to … read more


United Airlines First Class A320 Houston to Seattle

United Airlines 243 Houston (IAH) – Seattle (SEA) Airbus A320 14 March 2015 The inbound flight from Fort Lauderdale arrived at a C gate and the flight to Seattle was departing from E12 (because the A320 came from an international flight), therefore I decided to spend the two hours I had in the Terminal E United Club. That United Club is the nicest out of all of them at Houston since it used to be Continental’s Presidents Club and later it was rebranded to a United Club. The lounge is split into three levels and there is plenty of seating areas and even showers on the third level. Boarding was done on time and I was the first person to board and quickly took my seat, 3F, of course… read more


United Airlines First Class A320 Fort Lauderdale to Houston

United Airlines 238 Fort Lauderdale (FLL) – Houston (IAH) Airbus A320 14 March 2015 After spending about three hours in the Fort Lauderdale United Club, boarding was announced for the United flight to Houston. Conveniently it was leaving from gate C1 (right next to the lounge), the agent was looking for one volunteer and offering a $300 USD voucher, however sadly I couldn’t accept the offer as I had to be back in Seattle the next day. This flight was operated by a United A320 with twelve seats in First Class. I’ve mentioned before that the A320 is my favourite domestic aircraft on United, mainly due to the fact it’s so spacious, and perhaps a more ‘hidden’… read more


Mileage Run to Florida in United First Class

I’ve been to Florida countless times already but the fact is that I haven’t ever left the airport for more than four hours… And this mileage run was no exception! Basically I’ve mentioned before that United has great fares to Florida from Seattle and the catch is that they require a same-day turn, so they’re perfect for mileage runs. Basically I found a really cheap fare about 5 hours before departure (how that happened, don’t ask me!), and booked it since I had nothing to do on a Friday night anyway! I left work a little earlier, came home, showered, and was off to the airport just in time for boarding. SeaTac has a daily rate of $28 USD for parking, whic… read more


Currently relaxing in the Centurion Lounge

I’m currently on a mileage run with a layover in San Francisco and I’m currently relaxing in the Centurion Lounge (which isn’t that crowded at the moment, it is Friday night). Anyway, I’m SO glad I didn’t cancel my American Express Platinum card, yes, the $450 USD annual fee is heavy but the $200 USD airline reimbursement brings down the fee to $250 USD and that I can live with, considering the card comes with plenty of benefits including Priority Pass, and of course (what I consider the best benefit), access to the Centurion Lounges. There are currently four Centurion Lounges in the United States: San Francisco, Las Vegas, Dallas, and New York LaGuardia. AMEX i… read more


My hectic lifestyle

What do you think most people my age (19) do on Friday nights? Party? Drink? Clubs? Well that’s probably accurate… but then there are people like me, who wake up on Friday morning and think ‘Can I fly somewhere tonight and earn miles?’ People think I’m crazy. And perhaps the only ‘clubs’ I’ve been to are United Clubs… To say that today was quite hectic for me is the understatement… Basically I’m constantly looking for good mileage runs on United out of Seattle, because, well, a.) I love flying and b.) I need to re-qualify for Star Alliance Gold (as every year). My ‘normal’ routine daily is to check FlyerTalk, check… read more

Free and Easy oneworld Status Match

One of oneworld’s airlines, airBerlin, is currently holding a status match whereby if you have elite status on an non-oneworld airline, they can match you to either topbonus Silver or Gold (oneworld Ruby or Sapphire). It seems like all Star Alliance Gold/Silver and SkyTeam Elite Plus/Elite members are eligible. Per the statistics on the StatusMatcher website, it looks like people from all airlines might be eligible. To request a status match, simply create an account with topbonus and email make sure you include a picture of your current status card as well as a recent statement from you account. I’ve long had a topbonus account but never used it, and… read more