So.. the minimum check-in age is 21…

F#$K! Yesterday I posted about how I booked a two-night stay at the Park Hyatt in New York in a couple of weeks. Well, there wasn’t a problem booking the hotel stay using the free nights and everything ended up being correctly confirmed at the end. But… today I was casually browsing pictures of the hotel online and I happen to come across this wonderful message: The minimum check-in age at the Park Hyatt New York is 21. F$%king Amazing! Yet another wonderful age restriction! Why? Alcohol. Yes, America strikes again! I’ve written about in the past how I hate age restrictions and that’s the reason why I rarely stay at hotels or rent cars in the U.S., since most of the t… read more


Booked the Park Hyatt New York!

I just booked a two night stay at Hyatt’s flagship property in New York, the Park Hyatt New York! The Park Hyatt is a luxurious five star hotel located right in the heart of Manhattan, next to Central Park. I’ve never been to New York before (except the airports) and I can’t wait to go and explore, it is the last city I’d like to visit in the United States that I haven’t been to yet. So… how much will this experience cost? Well, here are the daily weekend rates for the hotel: The cheapest room is the Park Deluxe King which costs $975 USD per night, without taxes! And the total cost with taxes for two nights is… $2244.62 USD TWO THOUSAND DOLLARS! Craz… read more


United Airlines Club Access Rules

U.S. based airlines have some of the most confusing lounge access policies and the reason is simple – they want to make as much money as they possible can by getting people to buy memberships to their clubs, even though some people already might have complimentary access. For the average traveller, the rules are super complicated to understand and even your average United elite doesn’t understand they might not have access even if they’re Gold or higher. I’ve seen Premier 1Ks turned away from the club because they were flying on a domestic itinerary, I mean if you are a 1K shouldn’t you know how lounge access works? In cases as such, I usually am a nice person a… read more


The Club at SEA (South Satellite) Seattle

Recently Airport Lounge Development (ALD) ‘took over’ two airport lounges at Seattle Airport and one of them is Club International in the South Satellite, it has been renamed to “The Club at SEA”. This lounge mainly serves various international airlines that fly out of the South Satellite, such as Lufthansa, Icelandair, Condor, etc. With the change in management from Seattle Airport to ALD, now Priority Pass and Lounge Club members are eligible to access the lounge regardless of the airline or class of service they are flying. The lounge is basically one big room with a lot of comfy chairs in the middle and then bar-style chairs that overlook the runway. There is also… read more


My Primary Credit Cards

Now, listen, before you yell at me for posting about credit cards, listen! I promise this will be one of the very few posts that I write about credit cards, because I just generally don’t like to since everyone else does. There are NO affiliate links on this page, furthermore, there are NO links at all to any cards, if you’d like to apply, visit the bank’s website. I am in no way responsible if the benefits with the cards below change later, this information is current as of April 2015. I figured I would share with you all of my primary credit cards, later I will do a post summarising all of my cards that I have. Credit cards are amazing – that is for the mi… read more


Alaska Airlines Board Room Seattle

Alaska Airlines operates just four of their own lounges, or “Board Rooms”, located in Seattle, Portland, Los Angeles, and Anchorage. Since Seattle is Alaska’s hub and base, the flagship (and largest) Board Room is located at the Seattle-Tacoma international airport, near gate D1. There are several ways to gain access to the Board Room: Paid & Award First Class Travel on Alaska Airlines Board Room Membership Purchasing a day pass Priority Pass Lounge Club Travel on select Alaska Airlines partners (access varies) Alaska Airlines is different in that passengers travelling on a paid or award First Class ticket have access to the lounge, even when travelling domestically. Pa… read more


Finding Hotels in London – so frustrating!

I’m headed to London for ~4 days in a couple of months and I figured it would be the best time to go over my hotel options. I quickly booked two hotels through Club Carlson a couple of months ago and since I can cancel those bookings for free, I thought I would research more hotels in London and find one where I actually want to stay at and get the best value for my points. Well, things have become a little more complicated now… I decided to also get 80k IHG points recently (through the credit card), and now I have those to use as well. Since I value Club Carlson points higher than IHG (mainly since Club Carlson has a ton of hotels in Europe), I figured the best thing to do would… read more


AMEX Centurion Studio Seattle to open early Summer 2015?

Last week I posted about how I found out that the AMEX Centurion Studio in Seattle is supposed to open late summer 2015 and will be located by gate B3. I was flying on Friday and therefore I decided to visit the B3 gate area and see if I can spot where the lounge is going to be.. well it is kind of obvious since there is a huge sign on the construction wall on the opposite side of B3. Here’s what it looks like: Basically there is a white construction wall and there are two doors (which were locked) that lead inside. There is also an alcohol approval permit notice or something like that. Now, I was flying to San Francisco and visited the lounge there the same day and I talked with multi… read more


Travelling or Traveling? Both!

I woke up to an interesting email (from a reader? a hater?) this morning: “umm.. you’re blog name is wrong.. there is just one l in traveling…” Right… umm.. first of all you are the one who is wrong in a couple of ways here. Firstly, it is “your” and not “you’re”, I assume this person didn’t mean to write “you are blog name is wrong”. Secondly, no, it is not wrong, Travelling and Traveling both are valid. Let me explain. As most of my readers may have noticed, I frequently spell words in the European english way. For example “favourite, programme, travelling, colour, etc.” This is because as most of you… read more


United Clubs leave Priority Pass

The Priority Pass programme offers access to more than 700 lounge worldwide regardless of airline elite status or type of ticket. To be a member, you can visit the website and choose one of thee plans. I receive complimentary Priority Pass membership through my American Express Platinum card, however it is the Select membership (more on that below). Effective as of 15 May 2015, Priority Pass members will no longer have access to United Clubs. Priority Pass sent out emails last week to all members informing them of United Airlines’ decision to withdraw from the programme. When searching for a lounge on the Priority Pass website and clicking on a United Club, you will receive the followi… read more